The first floor of 17 Kellogg Avenue has been a successful coffee cafe since the 1990's.  The space has received many upgrades throughout the years and is in beautiful condition.  Shiru cafe used Upland Architects to completely update the space in July 2018.  It's a fully operational cafe/restaurant with outdoor dining & storage. Students, locals and visitors know this address as a premier cafe location in the center of Amherst. There are parking spaces in front of the space as well as behind the space and there is a parking garage steps away. Originally Rao's (then Share) (Now Shiru) was on the right side of the building before expanding into a former restaurant.  There is a full kitchen in the left side space. There is approximately 2,400 square feet on the first floor including a kitchen, four bathrooms, new mini split Fujitsu units for heat and air conditioning, fire alarm, approximately 1,700 square foot outdoor patio, and approximately 444 SqFt of storage in the basement. 

The rent is $7,725 + utilities and 40% tax and insurance.  This is a NNN lease. 

The approximate monthly taxes are $460 and insurance is $92; however taxes are billed quarterly and insurance is billed annually.  The sqft price without the basement storage and outdoor patios is $38 Sqft. 

There is approximately 2,400 SqFt on the first floor of the building as well as approximately 1,700 Sqft of outdoor patio space and approximately 444 Sqft of storage in the basement.